Let's make something.

Better yet, let's design, build, and craft something amazing. Over my 10+ years of marketing I've been able to work with, mentor, and lead some of the most talented and amazing people I've ever met. Right now I'm an Executive Creative Director for Organic inc. and recently was awarded a 40 under 40 award. I've worn many hats during my career, including startup founder, technologist, information architect, data visualization nerd, typographer, art director, and I guess all around workaholic.

Want to learn a little bit more about me?  

Working on my CREATIV-ISH super powers

I'm constantly learning, adapting, and curious about what's around the corner. 


Design & UX

I've sweated the pixels for as long as I can remember. I've been an information architect, data visualization nerd, and user interface

Technology Hybrid

I got my start as a hybrid designer & coder. Writing countless lines of Actionscript. That coder mentality still exists today.

Content Creator

I love to tell a good story.


New Business

The roller coaster ride is adicting. I've lead numerous successfull and unsuccessful new business pitches. I fancy myself a good keynote.


Data Driven

Whether I'm leaveraging it to power generative art or dynamic online ads, data has always been at the core of how i think.

The Physical World

The smell of a sodering gun or sawdust is my krypotnite. I love developing connected devices and objects.

A Gratuitous Grid of Logos

I've had the pleasure of working with and evolving amazing brands and clients. I'm sorry I couldn't make the logos bigger guys.


A few people think I'm ok

I’ve worked with Dwayne on multiple projects at Organic for over three years. Not only does he lighten up a conference room with humor and personality galore, he’s one of Organic’s MVPs when it comes to ideation and brand expansion. Dwayne is a rarity because he codes, ideates, architects, AND strengthens teams with his interpersonal skills. He’s known around the office as the guy who can pretty much do anything. Dwayne’s one of the best I know.
— Nikki Duncan Pampalone, XA guru
Dwayne is a terrier. He’s tenacious, passionate and totally committed. His output is creatively spectacular and always strategically grounded. It is always a pleasure to have Dwayne standing next to you in a presentation because his enthusiasm is infectious. A real class act, I couldn’t recommend Dwayne more enthusiastically.
— Hilton Barbour, Independent Marketing Provocateur